Our philosophy

“Today’s queens are genuine trend-setters because they lead in style and femininity while celebrating their individuality.”

Milena Nonne
Milena Fashion’s Founder and CEO

We want the Milena Fashion woman to be the queen of the beach from morning till night. We accompany her day with a full range of beach apparel crafted in Italy. Our beach journey starts with glamour bikinis, statement sunglasses and an elegant hat to keep the sun at bay. And then we get to accessorizing – so she can dip into a Milena Fashion designer beach bag for her sun lotion, phone and magazine. And as the sun sets, a gorgeous silk dress designed for cocktails by the pool makes our queen stand out from the crowd.

The woman behind the brand

Milena Nonne is a dynamic and talented fashion designer and entrepreneur from Italy, with a 16-year international career spanning Retail Management, Styling and Quality Control. She started her journey in fashion as a Boutique Director and Fashion Buyer working with the major luxury brands, like Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, La Perla, Moschino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giuseppe Zanotti – just to mention a few. She has been trained in Styling and Visual Merchandising by Harrods in London.

Milena’s passion for beachwear started as a challenge: to give a woman elegance, style, femininity and glamour – with no compromise on comfort – and fitting her body with only a  few centimeters of fabric! This challenge was only the beginning and Milena has never stopped since. In her words: “Beachwear is a small word for a big world, which goes far beyond bikinis and swimsuits.”

How we like to celebrate beauty and elegance

MF’s woman is elegant, confident, proud of her body and femininity. A woman with an eye for details, who won’t settle for anything but the best in style and quality.

Dressing this type of woman is a beautiful challenge, and the reason we invest in product research and development to make sure we can dress all types of body shapes while guaranteeing the highest level of glamour and comfort.

Our sources of inspiration

We like to build and maintain a close-knit bond with our clients, as they are our first source of inspiration. Each woman has her own specific features and needs, trying to meet them is pushing us to constantly going forward and beyond our limits, stimulating our creativity.

Milena Fashion never stops innovating! Make sure you don’t miss anything from our new collections, events and promotions.

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